Tandoori masala- The King

Tandoori Masala
Tandoori Masala – The king of all Masalas

Tandoori masala- The King is close to our hearts and taste. Every good occasion in our family called for Tandoori spiced paneer or chicken or soya or Gobi. Tandoori Masala became a regular part of our meal prepping as we all took over the kitchen to prepare meals. we all have always seen our mothers prepare all types of spice blends from scratch and Tandoori Masala is one of them. We will tell you the famous and known for generations, the Mother handed Tandoori Masala recipe with slight modifications. Popular dishes in Indian restaurants all over the world are famous for their tandoori dishes. No dish is complete without tandoori masala.

The main aroma in tandoori dishes is of its masala only. Make your own Tandoori masala and avoid using the market’s readymade masala to prevent consuming synthetic substances.

Tandoori masala- The King can be used to marinate meat, seafood, or vegetables like broccoli and soya. People love marinating chicken, fish, and shrimp with tandoori masala and have these dishes with Naan, onion yoghurt raita, or pineapple raita, salad and green chutney.

tandoori chicken marinate
Tandoori chicken marinate

The tandoori cooking style was introduced to Asian cuisines by Indian traders or soldiers and quickly became famous thanks to its unique flavour and ease of preparation. Today, tandoori food is enjoyed worldwide, and the Middle Eastern version of this cuisine is worth exploring.

Tandoori dishes are typically spicy and often feature yoghurt to counteract the heat. Tandoori dishes are usually cooked at high temperatures, which helps to give them their signature smokey flavour and crisp texture.

What are the spices used to make traditional tandoori masala?

Paneer tikka marination
Paneer Tikka Marinate

Tandoori spices typically include

  • Roasted cumin powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Cloves (freshly grounded),
  • Cinnamon (freshly grounded),
  • Ginger Powder
  • Chilli pepper powder
  • Anaardana Powder
  • Black pepper Powder
  • salt
  • Black Salt
  • Chaat Masala
  • Garam Masala
  • Kastoori Methi
  • Red color (optional)

Curd is the base of marination. If using Hung curd, which is commonly called the best base for marination. Sometimes Hung Curd is not available sour cream or thick cream are the best options. One of the great ingredient which does wonders in tandoori marination is CASHEW paste. Tandoori dishes taste heavenly good if marinated with cashew paste.

These spices are grounde into a powder and is use in marination for chicken, soya, shrimp, prons, paneer, or vegetables. After marinate, dishes are suppose to keep for 2-3 hours in refrigerator. Next step is Tandoory Cooking which to Put marinated dish in Tandoor. It is an Indian method of cooking on a charcoal fire. Now a days many substitutes are present. Like some people use their normal stove to cook marinate dish. Marinate dishes are thread in skewers and is station horizontally in oven and vertically in Tandoor

Tandoor is not and easy thing to keep inhouse. Instead of Tandoor, Oven or OTG which can also be utilize for cooking Tandoori dishes. It comes out to be juicy, smokey and spicey, mainly in red and orange hues, giving you a mouth-watering feel.

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