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Indian spices – whole vs powder

Indian spices – whole vs powder – Whole spices, simply known as “SABUT MASALA”, are spices which are not grind into powders. Whether you should buy whole spices over ground ones? The answer is ‘yes’.

Whole spices are much better than grounded masalas because they tend to lose their fragrance and original flavours when turn into powder. The originality is undefil in whole spice only. If you wish to use them in powder form, it’s best to grind them right at the time when it is require.

There are no doubts about the convenience of ground spices. You just need to open the bottle and sprinkle them on your dish and you are ready. But there are many drawbacks to Ground masalas.

Though ground spices bring colour and texture to your dishes. But simultaneously, they can bring hazards to your health. Every spice has its own aroma. so, if you want to avoid unnecessary colour or texture and health hazards, just use whole spices as they will only enhance flavour without changing colour.

Major Reasons to buy

  1. Quality

When it comes to spices, whole spices alas SABUT MASALAS outperform the ground varieties that are widely sell in stores. Because of their better quality and the ease of grinding them at home in hygienic conditions, whole spices is preferable in India. With minimal packing, whole spices also retain their scent for a longer period of time. One cannot infiltrate whole spices as they will come straight to your doorstep from manufacturers.

2. aroma/Mehek

Best Indian spices has its own scent that plays a powerful role when it comes to cooking. Whole spices maintain a significant amount of their aroma in their original state, however, ground spices must treat and pack using high-quality materials. Preservatives also affect the incense of spices. Whole spices release an unparallel fresh smell as soon as you grind them into a powdered state, which can easily make your mouth wet and tranquillize your mind.

3. Purity/Shuddhtta

While packaging and grinding the spices, there is a possibility that some pollutants present in the air may get introduce to these spices, making them impure and harmful to consume. Adding Preservatives are to Powder spices to prevent them from getting expire soon. We at MI spices take all precautions to be able to deliver 100% pure and genuine products. We ensure products that are without any harmful chemicals, preservatives or any added colour.

4. Cheaper than Retailer

In the market, whole spices usually cost less than powdered and processed spices. Whole spices are simply a profitable deal, even if the difference is typically negligible due to their enumerate bonus of quality and purity. One cannot risk health at the cost of cheaper stuff.

5. Taste

As you are already aware contaminations and impurities that are mix during several processes in grounded spices. Hence, we strongly recommend purchasing whole spices if you want to relish the taste and enhance the fragrance of your dishes because these pollutants and preservatives can also have a significant impact on flavour.

Indian spices – whole vs powder

Roasting whole spices in a pan will activate the oil present in them which significantly strengthen the fragrance and deepens the flavours. Whole spices can also get roast in Oven at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. They should be ready in 5 minutes. Once ready and cool enough, they can be turn into powder and immediately brings to use.

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