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MI Spices motto –  “Premium Quality, Wholesale Price”. We brings Pure, Aromatic and Fine Quality Spices at your doorsteps in Much cheaper prices than market. We Import From Manufacturer In Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Comoros.  We aim to procure spices throughout the world and deliver it right to your doorstep with excellent quality and wholesale prices, so you can enjoy the taste of authentic spices.



MI spices aim to deliver high quality authentic spices to every household in the country at wholesale prices. No one can Infiltrate raw spices, thus,  we aim to keep Indian cookery  pure and authentic. Being healthy and harmless is what MI spices main aim, by freeing Indian dishes from artificial taste enhancer.


At a time where information is easily available, it becomes very difficult to gauge the genuineness of information. Markets are full of people selling lower priced inferior products. Spices have medicinal and healing properties apart from culinary properties for which they are used. Using inferior spices can not only diminish the culinary properties, it can also have harmful effects on one’s health. Spices plays very important role in Beauty as well. We at MI spices does not use any synthetic substance or chemicals which will be harmful for your skin or health.


Right from storing to processing, we undertake stringent measure to ensure the quality of the product is maintained at the optimum level. We store our products in cold storage to maintain the required moisture and retain the taste/aroma. Our processing facilities are top notch with highest hygienic conditions.  Our workforce in packaging units maintain proper hygiene and clean environment.

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