How To Manage Your SPICE RACK

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How To Manage Your SPICE RACK – The best way to judge the quality of spices is “follow your NOSE”. ‘The Smell’ is the best way to whether you want to add this particular spice to your Food/Dish or not.

So generally, with all aspects of spices should be purchased as a whole because the aroma will be lost as soon as they are powdered. With powders, one can infiltrate the mixtures with impure substances, which in turn make them unsuitable to eat. Raw spices are more durable and long-run players in terms of storage. You can grind them at the time of cooking.

Spices in kitchens are as important as other things like Hob, chimneys, vegetables, cooking oil etc. Though likely people, especially those hired to manage the kitchen in day-to-day happenings with small efforts, we can make our simple kitchen easy to handle and fun to use. In how many days do you think, spices can go stale and expire? do you wonder if seasonings go bad or stale? Every spice has its own shelf life and they are best used before they get stale. some get pale in colour, some lose their fragrance and in some spices, you can simply see worms like salmonella or minuscule white insects walking and partying. Did you notice any clusters in spice jars? They are nothing but stating that your spices are soon going to be of no use.

Conserve and Store spices

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How To Manage your spice rack – Once open, spices gradually lose their Aroma and flavour, if not properly stored. This is because spices are made up of essential oil which will tend to lose their fragrance once they contact with air and moisture. Moisture, Sunlight, Heat, and Air are hard-core enemies of Spices. In order to maintain the durability of them, try to buy whole spices, Because you will be able to store for a year, without losing fragrance. Store them in Small, opaque, Airtight containers, try to avoid plastic and aluminium containers as they tend to absorb heat more.

Perfect Grinding

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How To Manage Your SPICE RACK – For how you manage Spices in your kitchen, you need sometimes grounded spices as well. For that a Mortar made up of wood, stone/marble or steel is recommended for grinding whole spices into powder. Put the required amount of spices in a mortar and make powder. The freshly-made powder will enhance your dishes with a Super aroma. The larger mortar you will use, the more easy your task will be. Do not risk breaking the blades of your electric grinder by using it for big spices like whole turmeric or nutmeg.

Shelf life of spices

How To Manage Your SPICE RACK – Most of us use spices even after they expire or get stale. There are health side effects as one can get sick from eating stale expire spices. Below mentioned is the shelf life chart which will help you in having an idea whether your spices are good to use.

Whole spices4-5 years
Ground spices1-2 years
Blended spices2-3 years
Herbs and Seasoning6 months
Herbs and Spice mix1 year

Some people like to heap spices and look after them whether they use them or not hence, there is no life left in the kitchen with stale and pale, fragranceless spices. One will feel cheerfully entering a place when your kitchen is full of spice aroma. There is one hack to store powder masalas. Store them in FREEZER and make them everlasting. I personally store open packages of powder masala in ZIP POUCH.

Well-stored spices can give flavour and taste for good 12 months.

Use your spices efficiently. More salt can destroy your dish, Likewise, More spices can spoil your taste.

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