We, at MI spices buyes raw material directly from the centers of produce to maintain uniform taste and quality. Buying from us eliminate three lines of wholesalers and retailers, thus reducing price to three times as you get from local market. With purity and quality you can add all the flavors and X-factor to your dishes. All the spices when used raw have medicinal properties in them. When used in proper measurements, you can achieve wonders in good health, immunity and beauty. When it comes to consume, MI spices do not believe on machines. All the Raw  seeds and spices are measure with sanitized hands in sanitized conditions. 


History of MI spices

In 1980s, late Shri Des Raj Aggarwal started supplying dry fruits and kirana items from his small shop named “Des Raj Anil Kumar” in Majith Mandi, Amritsar to parties in Northern India. During those times, due to lack of telephone and internet, connectivity was an issue with buyers. There was high level of mistrust and cheating practices in terms of pricing and quality between traders. He based his values on honesty and ensured timely delivery to his buyers.

Carrying forward his legacy, his elder son, Mr Anil Kumar Aggarwal joined family business and took the business to new heights. He not only incorporated new clients within same cities but covered different cities and states, with client network spread across from Amritsar to Kolkata. He took the bold step to move business from Amritsar to Delhi in 1990. He expanded the number of items supplied to the buyers. He built the reputation of his firm in Delhi as well as Northern Indian markets. With discipline, consistency and integrity, he became one of the top most suppliers of dry fruits and kirana items in Khari Baoli market. People often address him as “Shahji”.

In 2017, due to implementation of GST and other reforms, there was a drastic change in the way people do business. Considering the need of the hour, Mohit Aggarwal, young IIM graduate and SRCC alumnus left the corporate career and joined the family business. In June 2017, a new firm focusing on import of spices from around the world to India – “Mohit International” was set-up. The aim of the business was to provide best quality spices from around the world to Indian buyers at reasonable prices.

With prime focus on quality and prices, Mohit expanded the business by importing spices from Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Comoros. With technological upgradation, the focus is to meet the demand of customers at every level, be it wholesale or retail. Also, there is high level of customization available in terms of packaging and labelling to suit individual customer requirements. But one thing we can guarantee, “Our Quality is the Best”. 

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